Come back to yourself and experience how to be effortlessly happy.

Do you want to get closer to yourself (again), do you feel like you are running on empty in everyday life or are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Then visit More-U Reiki & Retreats and discover the world of Reiki and Holism.

My name is Marcel den Uijl

Since Reiki came my way during my training as a Holistic Therapist, my life is much more beautiful and easier. I grant this to everyone and that is why I would like to pass on my knowledge. The more people learn to follow their hearts and stay with themselves; the more beautiful the world will be.

As a certified Reiki Master/trainer and Holistic therapist with over 50 years of life experience, a rich wealth of people skills, love of nature and of life, I would like to help you get back to yourself. During my training as a Holistic Therapist, I discovered that I can easily get to the core of a problem and help you clarify your request for help. Based on that, I will work with you with various treatment methods. Being highly sensitive myself and in denial for far too long, I can empathize with my clients and know the ins and outs of daily life.


Our passion, mission and vision

Our passion is to make people happy.

We do this by successfully transforming each person by teaching them to let go of what no longer serves them and grow what enriches life.

Our mission is to bring people back to themselves and increase their self-awareness so that they are more comfortable in life.

We help you walk the paths you have chosen with your heart.