Reiki & Retreats

Are you regularly low on energy? Are you afraid that things are going the wrong way in the world? Do you often do things against your will? Do you find it difficult or annoying to meet expectations? Do you feel unhappy? Are you highly sensitive? 


Reiki initiations, Reiki treatments and Retreats

At More-U you can go for Reiki initiations, Reiki treatments and retreats of one or more days possibly with lodging and a fully catered stay. After a visit to our wonderful finca, you will be in a different frame of mind and have a clear view of obstacles you encounter along the way.

By paying more attention to yourself (More U) and working on yourself, we help you release everything that no longer serves you through inspiring workshops, relaxing Reiki treatments and special ceremonies. This While you enjoy one or more days of the Spanish climate and the beautiful surroundings of Cómpeta and Andalusia. You learn to trust your intuition and listen to your heart. We also show you how to handle your emotions and energy differently, so you will find your happiness and life path faster.

Moreover, Reiki is great for those who feel they are too down-to-earth in life for spirituality. A Reiki master who once treated me said very nicely, “I don’t need incense to give Reiki.” He hit the nail right on the head.

“When you truly do not care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached an awesome level of freedom.”

- Unknown